Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year. New Look.

Two infamous blondes are beginning the New Year with makeovers. These diva divorcees are back in the game, bidding adieu to their spouses and their hairstyles. .

Blonde Number One: Heather Mills lopped off her long sunkissed locks and opted for a vampy, platinum look that Sharon Stone herself would envy.

Frankly, I think this look fits her personality much better than the Body Shop-Birkenstock hair. This is a shade not found in nature, but plentiful in human nature--it's called Blatantly Fake. And it works. High maintenance? Hell yes. And worth every damn penny.

Blonde Number Two: Madonna straightens out her Medusa waves and ends up with hair that is vibrant, shiny and sleek.

This look does wonders for her complexion. I don't know who is responsible for the remarkable transformation (Ben Skervin is rumored to be her hairdresser of late) but she has gone from overprocessed (and overexposed) to dewy fresh and drop dead gorgeous.

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