Tuesday, January 20, 2009

20% off Sunglasses at J Ransom

Despite the frigid temperatures (it dipped below 80 here in Cali today), a good pair of sunglasses is always a necessary accessory. Snowbank glare and fash pack stares are equally brutal: You need to protect and represent. You might enhance your vision with HD Wraparounds, but not your reputation.

To the rescue comes J. Ransom, and the ideal selection of shades from Tom Ford, Beryll and Oliver Peoples. In addition to being the most wanted sunglasses in L.A., all three brands have a retro quality to them that is sure to please.

First, we have Tom Ford and his continued love affair with all things '70's:

Can't you just see Bianca Jagger stepping off a jet in these "Tatiana" sunglasses ($390.)? It's right out of the early '70's.

Speaking of jets, how about aviator perfection in these Tom Ford "Charles" sunglasses ($295.)? The slight curve helps them hug that gorgeous face of yours.

From 70's looks to 80's styles from Beryll. How much do these "Conte" shades ($310.) remind you of the Porsche sunglasses EVERYONE had in the mid-80's?

Oliver Peoples, who along with Armani, brought back the 40's look in the early 90's, does the smaller frame. These "Vanguard" ($345.) shades are very Sartre on a Vespa. (Do you think he let Simone drive?)

J. Ransom is now offering 20% OFF ALL SUNGLASSES with promo code: SUNGLASSES. Get yourself a new look---or an old one.

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Cathy said...

J Ranson sunglasses looking awesome.. 20% off good news..
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