Thursday, January 15, 2009

Gap--25% off Jeans Event until January 19th

Three words: Long and Lean. If you haven't snagged a pair (or two) of Gap's bestselling Long and Lean jeans, now is the time. Until January 19th, save 25% on a selection of Gap jeans in store and online. For those of you who swear by Joe's or Sevens, you will not be disappointed by Gap Long and Leans. These jeans are true to their name: the fit is exceptional, and they really do make you look about 8-10 pounds thinner. (I like to size up so they hang a little lower at the waist...)

For $37. on sale, you cannot go wrong! (At the full price of $50. you can't go wrong either. That's about one quarter the price of Joe's, Sevens, or Citizens.)

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