Sunday, January 11, 2009

GG Winners

Looks like more misses than hits on the red carpet at this year's Golden Globes. Certainly missing on some was underwear:

While others channeled Sgt. Pepper Anderson

Glenn Close is sublime, but not in this brocade Nehru number. Sure, it's "age appropriate", but since you don't look anywhere near 60, what's the hurry? Anyone who has seen Damages knows you have a rockin' bod---show it off!

Mickey Rourke didn't disappoint...

And Robert Downey Jr. was also true to form

The winner in the style stakes was Eva Mendes in Dior. She had everyone else wishing they'd left the diamonds at home and worn turquoise instead!

Not really a fan of "girly" colors like yellow and pink, but that was before I saw Christina Applegate in this butter yellow Roberto Cavalli. (That's his?!) Girl looked gorgeous.

Haven't seen too many kudos for Cameron, but this one-shouldered Pepto pink Chanel gown was pretty:

Speaking of pretty, (beautiful, actually) Freida Pinto could have shown up in her bathrobe and no makeup and still been the best-looking actress there. Not loving the dress, but who cares?

Emma, I love you. You brought your Swiffer!

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