Friday, February 13, 2009

One Week Only! $5. off Land's End totes

No interior designer, architect, landscape designer, graphic designer (or prep, for that matter) could do without their canvas tote bag. Versatile, classic design, a real workhorse, and you can do it up right with a monogram and your choice of colors. Last you for years and years. And the price, under $50., can't be beat.

LL Bean Boat and Tote is the "established" choice---it's as much a staple as your grandmother's pearls and your mother's madras. (And your father's sapphire and tonic...)

But Land's End offers an update on the original, with a number of great color choices and cool monograms. Many prefer Land's End to LL Bean because the Land's End totes seem to be sturdier and have more pockets. Oh, and this week only, you can save $5. on Land's End totes. Might be worth a try...

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