Monday, February 2, 2009

Goodbye, It Bag. Hello, Hit Shoe

This article in today's International Herald Tribune by Suzy Menkes (that Suzy), had me laughing out loud. I'm not sure if it was meant to, but it was amusing nonetheless.

Apparently, shoes, not bags, are center stage for spring. Smaller, more sensible bags are now "polite partners" to apparel---a shift from the outsized bags with outsized egos (and price tags to match) that have ruled the runways for the past several years. So, why the change?

It's the economy, stupid. Oh, and the earth. She has a fever, you know:

"The concept of sustainability, a conscience about a wasteful society and the pertinent problem of finding the money for new purchases all contribute to a mind-set where the "It" bag seems frivolous..."

Right, so spend that money on a "Hit Shoe." It's a green choice. This kind of green: $$$$.

I mean, what's frivolous about thousand dollar plus shoes? You can wear these YSL numbers everywhere:

It's like an iron maiden for you foot. No doubt the zippers on these shoes have been replaced with padlocks.

"My shoes are killing me!" And you paid dearly for the privilege.

So much more sensible than an It Bag.

So thankful fashion has our best interests in mind.

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