Wednesday, April 8, 2009

La Dolce Vita!

Sure, life might not seem so sweet these days. (By the way, taxes are due next week... You're welcome!) Picking up a pair of Choos to bouy your sinking spirits is no longer an option.

Or is it?

How about a pair of runway-inspired lovelies that will leave them guessing? The masters of outfitting the hoi polloi (Hi Mom!) with uncommon style, Dolce Vita, are having a storewide sale. Save 25% on the hottest styles for spring and summer:

Jaslyn, $165. (Get $25 off $100. with code 25off100 )

Cajun, $120. (Get $25. off $100. with code 25off100)

You got your glads, your platform pumps, your cutout booties, even a tunic top (or two) all for the price of one pair of Choos. Or Loubous. Or whatever other prohibitively-priced designer you've sworn off. (For now, at least.)

Shop the site, use the codes. Go on, use them:

$25. off $100: Use code 25off100
$50. off $200: Use code 50off200
$80. off $300: Use code 80off300
$115. off $400: Use code 115off400

If people think those are $700. shoes, let them. Just fake it 'til you make it.

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