Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Recession Dressin'

Episode Two of Recession Dressin': Bags. Unlike the lookalike/inspired-by shoes featured in the Shoe video, most of these bags are faux leather. But they're also under $100. Melie Bianco especially is known for the high quality pleather she uses in her creations, so you'll still look fab.

The secret is to pulling off "recession dressin" or "value attire" is to mix---high/low, old/new, classics/trends---go on, add some spice. The value bags featured in this video are available in a range of bold hues, so that could be the colorful accent in your outfit. It's all about balancing the elements. While no one is bound to criticize a women for wearing high-end from head to toe, it usually lacks imagination. Just look at those women who always wear all one designer from head to toe: it's boring. People like Kate Moss became icons for mixing flea market finds with high-end apparel, vintage with modern, sidewalk with catwalk. It's infinitely more interesting.


Belle said...

Great post!! You are right about the Melie Bianco and Urban Expressions bags. They really are great quality, affordable yet trendy bags! They are very popular at our boutique ( We honor breast cancer survivors on our site and the Melie bags are always the ones we use to donate...people love them. I loved your video!

toutie said...

Thank you for your expert opinion on Melie and Urban! Everyone should check out Belle's boutique---tons of value handbags under $100. Thank you, Belle, for all you do for breast cancer survivors.